When you first sign up with Happy Island Diaper Service we will require a credit card for security and to bill your starter package. Your regular bi-monthly payments can be done through pre-authorized debit.or you can have them put on your credit card. The day of your first delivery we will bring you the pre-authorized payment forms and collect a void cheque from you or a bank confirmation of your account and branch numbers.

Vacation Policy

Happy Island Diaper Service requires advance notice for vacation or service interruptions. Please contact our location (1-866-922-7377) two weeks prior to the date you wish to stop service.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Refund Policy on Prepayments

Prepayment is a contract and commitment to receive services for that period of time. If you are unsure that you want to commit to using our service, we suggest trying it for a shorter period of time with the option to switch later. Once you are certain you would like to continue with the service, we will be happy to set you up with the pre-payment discounts that apply!

If you or someone else has prepaid for your service, we are unable to refund the balance if you cancel this service before that period expires. This also applies to our regular semi-monthly billing cycle.