Our diapers are not like your grandmother’s! They are nicely shaped and have adjustable snap closures. When they come out of our commercial washing machine,  they are 99.97% germ & bacteria free and PH balanced for baby’s skin. They are then dried in our high heat dryer to sanitize them completely.

199679_208182492540710_477797_nOur diapers are made from micro-fibre and micro-polar fleece. Micro-fibres are soft, absorbent and antibacterial, so babies are less likely to experience a rash caused by bacteria or yeast.

They are oh soooo soft and super absorbent! Polar fleece is a polyester fabric which transfers (wicks) urine away from the skin into the absorbent wadding layers. This fabric does not absorb moisture into itself

Our diapers are breathable, fast-drying, easy to care for and clean, virtually stainproof and durable. Of course, what baby needs to hear is that on the inside, they’ll always be very soft, very dry, very comfy and yes, always fashionable!

208639_10150543112375083_3047730_nAdditionally, the diaper’s micro-fiber construction offers superior odor control compared to most traditional diapers, and is effective at killing bacteria. Another big benefit is that micro-fibers release dirt easier, resulting in less detergents to clean them, and less detergents means, even less enviromental impact.

Our diapers are made in Canada, by a fabulous company that gives us continued excellent products & service! Thank you Dri-Line!