We are very satisfied with the service that Happy Island provides. At a time when you don’t want to be thinking about doing laundry, it was great to have the diapers washed and delivered to our door to give us more time simply adoring our baby. I would recommend this for any first time parent and hope for the sake of the environment, more people choose cloth. Thanks!


Happy Island Diaper Service has made choosing cloth diapers a very easy decision for our family. Not only are the diapers fantastic and much easier to use than buying your own, but they provide THE most amazing customer service. I couldn’t be happier with my choice over the last seven months to commit to cloth diapers for our little one. Happy Island Diaper Service is doing amazing work for both our baby and the environment. Thank you!

Lisa C

You have been AMAZING for us! I can’t even imagine having done/dealt with disposables or cloth diapers on my own for these last 8 months. Our family has benefitted having you in our lives every week- it sounds silly, but taking one major stress like diapers out of our hands was so worth it! Then we could just focus on our little one. We also feel great knowing that our footprint into the landfill has been so much less using your service.

Also, I am more than happy to pass on your names to any/all pregnant ladies I see in Victoria. If you would like to drop off a stack (20?) of your business cards the next time you drop off diapers, I would be pleased to let people know about you. Your flexibility, amazing service  and great diapers are an easy recommendation.

Again, thank you for being there for the first 8 months of Grace’s life and when we decide to have baby #2 we will definitely be back in touch. (That is a promise!)

Thanks, Jenn and Chris Bateman

We started using Happy Island Diaper Service one month after our twins came home from the NICU in June 2009, and we have never looked back. The diapers are amazing. The staff at Happy Island respond to questions quickly, are wonderful to talk with, and their customer service is great. The cost is very reasonable, especially when you stop to factor in the laundry you are not doing, and the garbage you are not creating.

The Littles are now 8 months old, and between the Happy Island cloth diapers and using the L’il Baby Bums diaper ointment(of which you will receive a sample when you sign up), they have never had any diaper rash at all. To us, that is worth everything. Not to mention the fact that you are not having to soak and launder anything, and there really is very little to no odour associated with the pail of diapers.

We took the Littles to a doctor’s appt. a few days after starting the service, and we put then in a disposable for the visit, thinking it would be easier than the cloth to deal with out of the home. So wrong! Our daughter had feces up her back, and our son was almost through the diapers edge. I can honestly say that we have never had such an issue with the cloth diapers.

Clearly you can see we love Happy Island, and would not hesitate to recommend them

Connie & Trevor Ford
Victoria, BC

Thank you SO much for the opportunity to use your diapers. It was a wonderful experience for us and so helpful to not have to think about diapers for a whole year.Thank you.

I will definitely recommend your service to anyone searching for a diaper service. And we will be sure to call you if we need to think about diapers again in the future.

The Kucher Family

Thanks so much for the wonderful service you guys offer. It has been really convenient for us!
Thanks so much


My husband and I were extremely happy with the service from Happy Island Diaper service. They were able to bump up our delivery date when our son came early and they were always quick to respond to any inquiries or questions and they were prompt with weekly deliveries. The diapers were virtually leak proof and we never had any diaper rash issues!


This service was such a breeze to use! It felt great that I wasn’t sending hundreds of disposables to sit in a landfill for years. I would definitely recommend the Happy Island Diaper Service to all new parents of the ‘green’ generations.

Lindsay Myers